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Bouncing Balls

The vibrating screen bouncing ball is also called a bouncy ball. It is a kind of wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and high-jumping product. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-polluting, odorless, no migration and no side effects, so it is often used in industries with high environmental protection requirements. In the vibration industry, the bouncing ball is the main accessory of the vibrating screening equipment. It has good elasticity and wear resistance. It is installed in the middle of the punching plate and the grid in the vibrating screen. It can play the role of cleaning the screen hole. Material, improve screening output. It is used in clearing machine, vibrating screen, medical, mining, chemical, food, metallurgy and other industries.

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Working Principle

The bouncing ball is an indispensable part of the vibrating screen.
Its function is to knock the vibrating screen in the middle of the vibrating screen and the screen, so that the material attached to the screen surface can come off the screen and avoid blocking the screen to affect the screening yield and accuracy.

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Balls Size

The diameter of bounce ball:20mm,25 mm,28mm,30 mm,35mm,40mm,45mm and 50mm.
Material: silicon, rubber

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Bounce ball is widely used in rotary vibrating sieve and linear vibration screen.
It will improve the sieving effect and clean the screen surface, prevent jam the screen.

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