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Dust-free Feeding Station

Dust-free feeding station is also known as manual unpacking machine, and it is a manual equipment for manually pouring a small bag powder or granules materials to next hopper, during the progress can discharge dust through its filter cleaning device and exhaust fan into atmosphere, improve the working environment.

dust free feeding station 6

And it is equipped with vibration screen (safety screen), which can effectively intercept the foreign objects, so as to ensure the qualified materials discharged.

Main structure: The dust-free feeding station consists of feeding platform, unloading bin, dust removal system and vibrating screen etc.

dust free feeding station 7

Model Sieving Area Power (kw) Speed (rpm) Dynamic Load Static Load Exciting Force (kN) Flow Wind Pressure
CWT-800 0.42 2×0.18 1460 800N 1500N 2.5×2 1550-997 1217-1641
CWT-1000 0.64 2×0.25 1460 500N 2500N 5×2 1550-997 1217-1641


dust free feeding station 8


1. Modular Structure Design
The modular engineering design guarantees that the machine can be easily installed or configured with other machines, such as packing machines, conveying equipment, or mixers.
2. Friendly Operation
The operation is designed to be very simple in order to make sure that workers can acquire the skill rapidly.
3. Dust-free Production Space
Dedusting system of bag damping station will always guarantee the clean work space to protect operators and avoid environmental contamination.
It is not easy to blocking material, which also can choose dust collector to reduce dust flying to protect environment and reduce labor intensity.

dust free feeding station 9


A Dust-free-feeding station is suitable for the unpacking, feeding, and sieving of middle and small bag materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and other industries, especially for the discharging and sieving of materials with poor flow ability, and can effectively protect the working environment.

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