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How to choose the screen material of the vibrating screen?


The material of the vibrating screen mesh is divided into two types: metal and non-metal. The metal ones include stainless steel screens, high carbon steel screens, low carbon steel screens, manganese steel screens, spring steel screens, etc. The non-metallic ones include nylon screens, rubber screens, polyurethane screens, etc. Next we Here are some common types of sieves in detail.
1. Metal mesh
1. Metal woven mesh
This type of screen has low cost and high flexibility. It is woven with metal wires. The screen holes are mostly square and the shape is fixed, but the aperture is relatively low, about 0.02-2.36mm. , mostly used on the vibrating screen with large output in industry.
2. Punching screen
The sieve holes of the punching plate screen are round or square, and a punching machine is used to punch holes of the same size on the entire steel plate to become a screen. The characteristics of the punching screen are that the mesh is uniform and not easy to deform. The precision of the mesh is more than 0.2mm. It is mostly used in the work where the material has a large impact on the screen or the detection of large particles in the laboratory.
3. 201 carbon steel screen
Although the cost of 201 carbon steel screen is very low, it is not common in actual use. Although it has a certain anti-corrosion type, the wear resistance is not good enough, the nickel content is relatively small, the material is hard, and it is easy to break. kjzj.com
4. Stainless steel screen
Stainless steel screens are very common in use, not only in industry, but also in some corrosive work. The material of stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance, and can be used in various scenarios.
5. High manganese steel screen
The material of high manganese steel has strong wear resistance and toughness. Such a screen has large bearing capacity, high strength, and is more wear-resistant. Its service life can reach 4-8 times that of ordinary vibrating screens. , The selection of large-volume materials.
2. Non-metal screen mesh
Among non-metal screens, polyurethane is more common. Polyurethane itself has very good elasticity, wear resistance, high tensile strength, and good impact absorption effect, so the bearing capacity of polyurethane screen is high, which is more than 2.5 times that of rubber screen, and the service life is 8 times that of ordinary metal screen. -10 times, 3 times that of stainless steel screen, 3.9 times that of natural rubber screen, outstanding ability in screens of various materials, and screens of other materials can only be far behind.