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Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear vibrating screen with dual vibration motor drive, when two vibrating motors do synchronized reverse rotation, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block is mutually offset in the direction of parallel to the axis of the motor, which is superimposed in the direction perpendicular to the motor shaft, so the motion trajectory of the screen is a straight line. Two motor shaft relative to the screen surface has a dip, under the combined action of exciting force and material self-gravity, the material is thrown on the sieve surface, and the leaping forward makes a straight-line motion, so as to achieve the purpose of screening and grading of materials.

linear vibrating screen 6

Product Features

1. Simple structure, easy to install and maintain.
2. Low consumption with high yield and low cost.
3. Can be used for single-layer, multi-layer screening with long life.
4. Good sealing without dust flying.
5. Material auto discharge, be able to continuous operation.
6. Sieve body parts adopt steel plates and sectional material welded together (part of the body for bolt connection) the overall good stiffness, strong and reliable.

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Product Application

1. Chemical industry: resin powder, pigment, washing powder, paint, soda, lemon powder, etc.
2. Abrasives and ceramics industry: alumina, slurry, spray particles, etc.
3. Food industry: sugar, salt, alkali, milk powder, soybean milk, fruit juice, yeast, soy sauce, etc.
4. Paper industry: coating, clay mud, black and white liquid, liquid waste, waste water recycling, etc.
5. Metallurgical industry: titanium oxide, zinc oxide, magnetic materials, metal powder, electrode powder, etc.
6. Pharmaceutical industry: The traditional Chinese medicine powder, liquid medicine, western medicine, Chinese medicine powder and particles, etc.
7. Environmental protection: human and animal excrement, waste oil, waste water, waste water processing in food, etc.

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Technical Parameters

Model W*L (mm) Power(KW) Material size(mm) screen surface angle (°) Amplitude(mm) Layer
DZSF-520 500*2000 2*(0.4-0.75) 0.074-10 0°-7° 4-10 1-5
DZSF-525 500*2500
DZSF-1020 1000*2000
DZSF-1025 1000*2500 2*(0.4-1.1)
DZSF-1030 1000*3000 2*(1.1-1.5)
DZSF-1040 1000*4000
DZSF-1235 1200*3500 2*(1.1-2.2)
DZSF-1250 1200*5000
DZSF-1535 1500*3500
DZSF-1560 1500*6000 2*(2.2-3.7)
DZSF-1845 1800*4500 0.074-15
DZSF-2050 2000*5000
DZSF-2260 2200*6000


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