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Pollen Sieving Rotary Vibrating Screen


pollen powder sieving adopts rotary vibrating screen, which can achieve materials grading and removing impurities, improve product quality.

rotary vibrating screen 2Pollen is generally used in the health product industry, and because of its special medicinal effects, it is used as a medical material. The production process generally starts from collecting pollen raw materials, then drying them, then selecting impurities, sieving, and then completing disinfection, then undergoing wall breaking, mixing auxiliary materials, pressing and secondary drying, and finally to pollen. Packing, this production process necessitates the use of a standard vibrating screen when sieving pollen.

Because the pollen raw material is a kind of granular material with a light specific gravity, the screening efficiency in the screening process is not as good as that of the material with a high specific gravity, and there is the possibility of floating. If the power of the vibration motor is too large, the material will be affected. The exciting force is large, and the material floats on the screen surface, and it is not easy to be sieved. Therefore, a matching motor model must be used to achieve the best screening effect.

In addition, in the process of sieving pollen, pay special attention to the uniform feeding and do not throw too much at one time, which will cause the pollen to accumulate too thick on the screen surface, which not only reduces the screening efficiency, but also loads the screen and affects the screen service life.

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