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Rotary Vibrating Screen

Rotary vibrating screen, as a piece of powdery material screening equipment, uses a vertical vibration motor as its vibration source. The vertical vibration motor has an eccentric block at both its upper and lower sides. The eccentric blocks can generate a three-dimensional movement in horizontal, vertical, and inclined movement. By adjusting the phase angles of the upper and lower eccentric blocks, the material on the screen can change the movement locus, achieving suitable screening performance.

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Model Power (kw) Valid Screening Diameter (mm) Mesh Size Machine Material Sieving Purpose
CY-600 0.55 550 0-200 mesh (> 75 um) Contacting part stainless steel / All stainless steel / All carbon steel Grading / Removing impurities / Filtration
CY-800 0.75 750
CY-1000 1.1 950
CY-1200 1.5 1150
CY-1500 1.75 1450
CY-1800 2.2 1750

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Rotary vibrating screen suits for powder, particle, and liquid separation, filtration, and removing impurities, improve product quality. Simple and efficient running and operation can save more labor, achieve full use of resources. Sealing structure, no dust pollution, no leakage, protect working environment. Other features include long using life, easy to change screen with 3-5 minutes, according to the client’s demand to design different types of vibration screens.

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1. Food industry
Our circular vibrating screen can be used for processing starch powder, sugar powder, sale, rice flour, milk powder, soybean mile, sauce, fruit juice, condiment, and so on.
2. Chemical industry
This rotary vibrating sieve is widely used for handling resin powder, paint, industrial chemicals, detergent powder, cosmetic, etc.
3. Pharmaceutical industry
Round vibration screen is suitable for medicine powder, medicine pill, medicine liquid, etc.
4. Metallurgy industry
In metal processing industry, this rotary vibrating screen can sift aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, alloy metal powder, etc.
5. Pollution abatement
Our circular vibrating screen is also suitable for treating waste oil, sewage, accessory ingredient, activated carbon and other materials.

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