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Ultra-fine Henna Powder Vibration Sieve


ultra-fine henna powder sieving uses ultrasonic sieve machine, high screening accuracy and efficinecy

Mohammad from United Arab Emirates inquired a vibration sieve for ultra-fine henna powder, 1 layer, 100 mesh, replaceable sieve frame 60mesh, 80 mesh, capacity 30-50kg/h. He showed henna powder photo, which looks like matcha powder. Under the microscope, the fibrous powder looks like needles.

We supply ultrasonic vibration sieve for Shanghai, Hunan, Japan clients who sieve vibration sieve, based on that experience, we recommend client DYC800-1#, Ultrasonic sieve machine diameter 800mm, as it takes about 24 hours after replacing a new mesh (after mesh adheres to sieve frame, till the glue is dry). we advice to prepare extra sieve frame, to avoid downtime and affect the production.